What I Do

As a designer and builder of puppets I am a sculptor, illustrator, pattern drafter, sewing technician, animator, foam fabricator, painter, hairdresser, costumer, mold maker, engineer and occasional knitter, carpenter and metalworker. Whew... it's a long list but that's the job. My craft is to know when and how to use each of these disciplines to bring the vision of a character to reality.


What I Can Do For You

I love to collaborate. I can answer any questions you may have regarding puppets. In most cases I am involved in the design and build to wrangling, straight through to performance on set. It has given me incredible accountability for my own work as well as an intimate understanding of the television industry. I work with directors, set designers, props builders, lighting and camera to help navigate the unique needs of working with puppets.

I have my own studio to build puppets of any size and have also worked in numerous puppet shops managing teams of multi-disciplined artists. I can produce a budget and quote on projects of all sizes, discuss options and introduce you to talent, crew and technical teams that have puppet show experience.